Featuring Quality Hair Care Products & More

Bougie Hair Care is located in Downtown Johnstown but looks forward to serving the entire Pennsylvania Region and beyond. In addition to the various accessories we offer, our focus lies mainly on the care and up-keep of hair for ladies and gentlemen.  We offer quality products for the care of natural hair and for those who need or simply desire it, we offer the finest enhancement products such as wigs, hair extensions, and braiding hair.  

Whether it’s hair, shampoo, shave gel, etc., we serve our customers in a relaxed and positive atmosphere and make every effort to ensure that you leave with exactly what you need.


Hair Extensions

Find Full wigs, Add in extensions, Ponytails or Braids in Crochet or Pre-stretched  Hair.  Various colors and lengths available.

Hair Care

We have Shampoo, Conditioner, Moisturizer, Edge Control in various brands and textures.

Hair Accessories

Shop Bollies, Bows, Barrettes, Scrunchies, Headbands and Braid Jewelry in various styles and colors.


Various  designer hand bags, back packs and wallets available in a variety of styles and colors.

Makeup & Nails

Pick up false nails, glue, and fingernail polish. Bright colors and brands you love!

Men’s Products

Find products for men. Wave grease, Braids, Beard oils, or Locs…. You name it we got it. if you don’t see your brand just let us know.UploadMedia Library


We have so many other various unique items chosen with you in mind. Don’t see what you like, make a request.

Bougie Hair Care Essentials & More

416 Lincoln Street

Johnstown, Pa 15901